Rafa Archiduque is a renowned miniatures painter for wargames and works as a boxart painter for different brands.

This set contains a selection of shades to paint miniatures from the American Civil War, both North and South.

Although the range of tones can be much broader, in this set you will find a good starting point for projects of this conflict.

The shades are selected for painting 28mm miniatures with the triad system, a base color plus one, two and even three lights.

This set contains:

AK11001 White
AK11021 Basalt Grey
AK11022 Dark Grey
AK11029 Black
AK11031 Buff
AK11055 Sunny Skin Tone
AK11098 Black red
AK11100 Light Brown
AK11102 Deep Brown
AK11113 Chocolate (Chipping)
AK11121 Tan Earth
AK11148 Medium Olive Green
AK11153 Extra Dark Green
AK11165 Grey Blue
AK11167 Anthracite Grey
AK11179 Ultra Marine
AK11186 Light Prussian
AK11189 Dark Prussian Blue