Reference: ABT140
20ml Tube A colour especially designed to be used for most types of skin colour. It is recommended to combine it with other flesh tones. The special characteristics of the oil paints will make tone transitions on figure flesh spectacular, luminous and seamless.
Reference: ABT004
20ml Tube A useful dark tone necessary when working with dark colours, or enhancing panel lines. Through the use of specific washes, allows the modeller to increase the depth of dark colours in areas that have little illumination.
Reference: ABT110
20ml Tube Perfect for extreme weathering effects, for panel darkening and to work on very dark surfaces. It is also used to provide depth in the hidden areas and to darken other colours adding tone variation on abandoned and destroyed vehicles. "Works" using pure black often...
Reference: ABT230
20ml Tube Special tone to make effects over green colors to make them deep and contrasting. Indicated also can mix on any green or blue colors for chromatic variation.
Reference: ABT080
20ml Tube An ideal colour for creating variations in tone on models that have been painted in light colours. Once applied, the subtle effects reveal a very realistic finish.
Reference: ABT035
20ml Tube Suitable to mix with all the base colours and create dirt and dust effects. Thanks to its light tone you will achieve shadow areas on white or light gray parts. Very useful to illuminate certain parts on brown, sand or tri-tone camouflages vehicles.
Reference: ABT006
20ml Tube A classic, must have, multipurpose colour that can be used alone or combined with other colours for the creation of various effects. Burnt Umber is a neutral/ dark tone making it perfect for enhancing volume on sand colours and on any type of accessories.
Reference: ABT505
Special tone to make effects over fantasy subjects to make many effects. Indicated also for mix on any red colours for chromatic variation or for blood.
20ml Tube This colour is a patina to be applied over the initial colour and then removed leaving a subtle layer over the paint. This Copper Oxide Blue colour has been designed to help with weathering copper structures of your models. It can also be used over the Panzer Gray if looking f...
Reference: ABT240
20ml Tube This color in a subtle brown will help you to work on brown tones or weathering and coloured camouflages in any brown tone.
Reference: ABT220
20ml Tube This colour is suitable to add tonal variety over brown and red colours. Vehicles primed in red, walls, leather accessories, etc will get a nice and rich finish. It is also recommended for dust effects on urban war zones vehicles.
Reference: ABT130
20ml Tube A basic in weathering processes, adding realism underneath the dirty vehicles or on snowed terrains. It is recommended to combine with ABT125 Light Mud or plaster to achieve higher richness on finishes. Darker mud colours are usually used under the lighter mud colours on...
Reference: ABT070
20ml Tube A very realistic dark rust tone, perfect for creating rust effects found on various types of metal, such as exhaust pipes … For best resuIts we recommend using it in combination with other shades of rust to achieve highly realistic finishes.
Reference: ABT520
Special tone to make effects over fantasy figures flesh - to make special tone of death appearance.
Reference: ABT003
20ml Tube This very popular and highly versatile colour perfectly simulates the subtle effect of accumulated dust; making it a must have for all segments of modelling. Its single shade tone makes it perfect for mixing with other colours allowing the modeller to achieve a wide ran...
Reference: ABT093
20ml Tube A special colour, ideal for creating subtle ground effects. Colours that mimic these effects can be used in any segment of modelling making them very popular. A basic weathering colour used on the lower surfaces of vehicles; or any surface prone to the accumulatio...
Reference: ABT160
20ml Tube This colour is ideal for creating grease and oil effects on your vehicles, machinery and engines. It provides the correct transparency to replicate the effect of grease deposits. It is advisable to apply this randomly over the surface and let each layer dry in order to achieve...
Reference: ABT020
20ml Tube An ideal colour to darken sand yellow tones and create different colour combinations for dust effects. Also very useful to create shades in yellowish colours for figures, flags or any piece painted with yellow tones. Warm colours are also indicated to illuminate panels a...
Reference: ABT190
20ml Tube Use this colour to make effects on whites, to combine with other gray tones on figures or vehicles on their illuminated areas, in winter scenarios or to work Panzer gray vehicles. It is also very helpful for illuminating war ships and modern military aircrafts in a realistic way.
Reference: ABT040
20ml Tube A perfect colour to be use on nature scenes, river banks, moss accumulations, rain effects, etc. Also suitable for green vehicles and figures with green uniforms of any period in order to differentiate and contrast different áreas.