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UK Postage


For any size order below £50 the courier costs are £4 -

Orders of £50 and over will be sent by us Free of charge.

All parcels sent by recorded delivery -

signed for by courier plus a photo taken as proof of delivery.

Live outside Mainland UK please contact us regarding courier costs.




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All prices on this website are subject to change without notice.

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Cromwell Models


As stated in the Cromwell Models Page we will not be taking pre-orders on any models. We post as and when we receive Cromwell Models.

All Cromwell Models are sold on "First come - First served basis"






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A.M.S Customers

Parcels now called "Exports"  

 A.M.S. does not post outside of UK for FREE.


Parcels are processed as normal.

You are emailed regarding the Full Postage.

If postage not paid - the goods are returned to website.

Your money for the goods is returned to you.

We deal with the Custom Forms and various codes required.

A CN22 or CN23 form is attached to your parcel - it has a break down of contents within parcel required for UK Customs and country of destination.

Local Import Tax, Vat or Tarrifs on parcel would have to be paid by customer.

Please take the time to read about Prohibited and Restricted items to your own country before placing an order.


Please also read Public UK Information Page


As requested you will find information for general public



We track all parcels from beginning to end of journey.

If we believe there is any problems with a parcel delivery

we contact couriers as soon as possible.




Aerosol Sprays


A.M.S. has taken the decision of "Collection Only" for sprays.

Sending by Royal Mail or any Couriers results in -

"If discovered the whole parcel is confiscated and destroyed."

Sorry for any inconvenience to our customers.